Relating to Kent Youth Theatre Ltd (KYT) services and all associated activities.

If you have any queries, please respond by email – emily@wearekyt.com within 3 working days of reading the Terms and Conditions. With no-response we will assume your acceptance of all of the Terms and Conditions.


1. Film and Photography Policy

1:1 Photographs of students may be taken during sessions for reporting, marketing and publicity purposes only. Students might be named, where appropriate.

1:2 Press photographs, video recordings and/or publications relating to KYT, may include ALL students.

1:3 For the purposes of reporting, promoting and marketing KYT, staff members (all of whom are DBS checked) may video students.

1:4 Images of students will be used on social media sites, for the purposes of promoting KYT. Students might be named with forenames only, where appropriate.


2. Payment and Refund Policy

2:1 The terms’ fees must be paid in full by the due date in order to secure a students’ place on the course. If the fee is not paid, or arrangements negotiated with KYT managers agreed, your place may be given to a full paying student once a waiting list has started. Payment methods include CASH – CHEQUE – ONLINE BANK TRANSFER)

2:2 We do not offer any refunds.

If, for any reason, your child/ward is unable to attend the term following full payment, we are unable to offer a refund. On occasion, following discussions with KYT Directors, the fees paid will be credited to your child for future classes.

2:3 Any outstanding fees, 2 weeks into the term, will incur a £15 administration charge.

2:4 If there are any outstanding fees preceding half term (week 5), your child/ward will not be allowed to return to KYT and an official invoice for attendance, to that date, will be issued.

2:5 Fees being paid weekly (agreement required in advance with KYT), will incur a £15 administration fee. The full amount (fees + £15) must be paid on or before the end of the relevant term, regardless of attendance at classes. For each month that the payment is overdue, a further £15 administration charge will be added. 

2:6 Fees being paid monthly, half-termly or by direct debit (agreement required in advance with KYT), the full amount must be paid on or before the end of the relevant term, regardless of attendance at classes. For each month that the payment is overdue, a £15 administration charge will be added. 

2:7 All cheques must be made payable to ‘KENT YOUTH THEATRE’ and the students name must be written on the back.

2:8 Cash must be in a sealed envelope with the student’s name and amount written clearly on the front.

2:9 If you wish to pay via BANK TRANSFER details are below and are available via email upon request.


Name: Kent Youth Theatre

Sort code: 60-60-08

Account Number: 66844363

Reference: Students name


3. Behaviour Policy

3:1 KYT is a professional stage and screen academy and as such requires high standards of discipline from its students. Should a student behave in a consistently poor manner, as to disrupt the learning and enjoyment of others, ONE WARNING (Yellow Card) will be given to said student and their parent/carer will be informed. A second occurrence of poor behaviour (Red Card) will instantly terminate attendance at KYT with no refund of course fees. Parents will be notified to collect their child/ward immediately.

3:2 It is expected that all students will arrive on time and prepared for their class/workshop/rehearsal. Start and finish times are always well advertised.


4. Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy

4:1 KYT staff members wear a company t-shirt whilst working at KYT and must sign in and out at the beginning and the end of each session they attend.

4:2 No unauthorized adults are permitted to be in the room with the students at any time. If, for any reason parents/carers need to collect their child(ren) early, KYT will require prior notification. A KYT Staff member will bring the child to reception.

4:3 KYT official visitors, will sign-in and out at the reception desk and will be accompanied by a staff member at all times, until the relevant DBS checks have been completed, where required.

4:4 Students are expected to be on time, however, being too early can be problematic. Staff are happy to supervise students, if needed, 5 minutes prior to the start of session, but no earlier. Any earlier than that and we cannot officially be “in loco parentis”.

4:5 There are toilets at KYT that can be used by students; STAGEBUGS will be accompanied by a staff member. All other students may go independently. GROUP K must use the toilets by reception only.

4:6 In case of emergency, KYT staff can give consent on behalf of parents/carers, for anesthetic administration or any other emergency treatment to be given on the advice of a qualified practitioner.


5. Online Safety Policy

5:1 We do have an online presence and encourage our students to be a part of that. Students, however, are encouraged to post/comment positively and naturally be respectful and kind towards others online.

5:2 KYT staff members are not permitted to be ‘friends’ with or to ‘follow’ or be ‘followed by’ a student. Personal social media accounts are personal and we ask all students to respect that.

Students are encouraged to communicate via the WEAREKYT accounts and post photos and comments that are supportive and respectful of the KYT community.